(c) 2001-2002 Martin Borho ( - Weblog - semantic news aggregator)

phpNewsfork is a lightweight, browser-based news channel and Weblog interface based on PHP, XML-RPC, and RSS. It uses the XML-RPC APIs from and, and does not require a database.

Demo here!

released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)


phpNewsfork 0.2

XSLT for rendering RSS-Feeds skipped, too many different charsets!

phpNewsfork_0_2.tar.gz / readme.txt

Requirement: PHP 4.1 '--with-xml'

phpNewsfork 0.1

Using XSLT for rendering RSS-Documents.

phpNewsfork_0_1.tar.gz / readme.txt

PHP >= 4.1.0 ->
using following options